VISCA GUI | AIVION Camera Control 1.0

The AIVION Camera Control Software is our first generation user-friendly VISCA GUI. VISCA is a control protocol designed by Sony for use in professional camera systems. The Camera Control Software allows the user to build Presets and Programs and gives the flexibility to control the VISCA based block camera via RS-232 or RS-485.

The Aivion Camera Control 1.0 is a software runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system and allows allowing to independently control up to seven VISCA compliant cameras.

Supported Block Cameras

At the moment we support following block cameras:

We will expand the supported camera portfolio and also develop custom based GUIs. If your camera is not on that list or you need a custom build GUI, please contact us (sales [at]

VISCA Camera Controller and VISCA Register Settings

The AIVION Camera Control software is comprised of two separate application windows the VISCA Camera Controller and the VISCA Register Settings.

  • The VISCA Camera Controller allows VISCA port configuration, camera configuration, building programs, and building presets.
  • The VISCA Register Settings allows to know the status of each register in real time.

Top Features:

  • Supports Windows operating system
  • Easy one-click VISCA COM port configuration and setup
  • Separate Configuration utilities for easier use of operation
  • Easy to follow User Manual
  • Full-featured free trail is available
Download Software

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