Aivion 3030 USB3.0 camera

The Aivion 3030 is the latest addition to our camera series and developed for a wide area of application where a real time uncompressed video stream should be viewed and stored on a computer. If the defined requirements are fulfilled it is a “plug and play“ solution.
This camera do not need an external power supply. Power and camera control will be managed through a single USB3.0 cable.

The camera is housed in a very compact aluminum case.
3.2.Megapixel full motion video color, very wide angle view of 90 degrees at 1080p ,
one push auto focus, auto exposure, auto white balance digital noise reduction WDR functions and the support of 6 video standards and the challenging price, make this camera unique.

With this camera new markets can be addressed and it is for sure an excellent fit for Video Conferencing, Machine Vision, Medical Applications, Low Vision and
Optical Inspection applications.