Camera Interfaces

TL 7071 | optical fiber (Receiver), two fiber lines for Sony FCB

Optical 3G/HD-SDI Receiver Interface for Sony Block Cameras

The TL7071 interface from AIVION is a small form factor module for receiving 3G/HD-SDI video based on optical fiber. Incoming video is deserialized, decoded and converted to DVI(HDMI). In addition jitter is removed from deserialized video before it is serialized again for output over BNC and MCX coax interfaces.

TL7071 can be used as optical receiver unit for optical 3G/HD video transmission systems using TL7070 or any other SMPTE297M-2006 compliant optical transmitter device.


  • Optical 3G/HD-SDI input based on SFP compatible receiver
  • Optical SFP receiver 1260nm-1620nm/10km/LC for SMF included
  • Input compliant to SMPTE297M-2006 serial optical 3G/HD video standards
  • Automatic video standard detection
  • Input signal jitter removal
  • Format conversion for DVI(HDMI) RGB output
  • Reclocked 3G/HD-SDI BNC + MCX coax outputs
  • 3G/HD-SDI outputs compliant to SMPTE425M/424M/292M/274M/296M
  • SMPTE425M level A, mapping structure 1
  • Selectable serial control interface (RS232 or 3.3V TTL)
  • Supply voltage: 5V to 12V DC regulated

TL7071 Production Kit

Partnumber: TL7071

Production kit with all items needed for production. Powerful, cheap , competitive


  • TL7071 Board
  • CableKit (TL7071CK):
    • 10pin flying leads cable for power and control, lead length = 15cm / 5.9inch

TL7071CK Cable Kit

Partnumber: TL7071CK

Cable kit for the TL7071 interface board


  • 10pin flying leads cable for power and control, lead length = 15cm / 5.9inch