Modular Imaging & Video Solutions

Our Products and Services

Aivion Camera

For system integrator – and end user applications.

Camera Evaluation Kit

Block cameras, interfaces and evaluation cables of choice to test the video chain in minutes.

Aivion Video Interfaces

Supports Sony, Tamron & Koeisha block cameras.

Aivion Converter

With the the smallest form factor on the market, best choice if space is an issue.


For development of customized interface to address customers requirements.

Aivion provides camera kits and Interfaces for Tamron’s MP1010M-VC

Available Interfaces

High Definition Cameras with housing

Best video quality due to the usage of Sony FCB- block cameras, support of multiple video standards like HD-SDI, HDMI and USB 3.0 and the excellent price/performance ratio are the highlights of the AIVION HD camera series.

Main markets for our cameras are professional video, high end security and surveillance,
low vision, inspection and many other industrial segments.


Aivion 3030

Compact Plug and Play USB3.0 HD camera.

Ideal for medical, video conferencing
and inspection applications


Aivion solely has developed a complete series of video interfaces for Sony, Tamron and Koeisha block cameras. We are working in a close relationship with the vendors to be able to support the newest cameras when they are launched to the market.

The combined HD-SDI & HDMI, the optical interfaces and our SD interface boards are still unique in the market.



Aivion’s TL4K1152 HDMI boards supports Sony’s latest trend setting 4K block camera FCB-ER8300

Applications: Industrial, medical, security,
law enforcement, video production


Unique optical interface solution
One glas fiber line for camera control and video.
Ideal for ROV, Broadcast in stadiums


Aivion offers a series of converters transmitting and receiving standard based video signals over different physical media such as coaxial cables and optical fibre.
Unique are the very small form factor converters 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI and HDMI to 3G/HD-SDI. If limited space is an issue this 38 × 38 mm converters are a valuable option.


NA 1011

The smallest available converter, ideal for integration in products with limited space.

High Definition Camera Kits

Aivion offers complete kits including Sony, Tamron and Koeisha block cameras.
Kits contains all neccessary items like camera, interface of choice, cables with plugs and power supplies that the customer can test the camera with this „ Plug and Play“ approach in minutes.


Due to special requirements and to enable unique business values, clients cannot always use the standard interface products.
Today customization of existing interfaces is an essential need.

Based on our long history we have knowledge of customers markets and applications.
We define, specify and implement the required feature sets and deliver as a complete solution the prototypes and boards for the mass production.

Applications examples

Requirements for long distance transmission (up to 30 km) of high quality
uncompressed video streams via fiber cable.

  • Broadcast
  • Camera Network in Stadiums
  • High End Video & Surveillance
  • Live events
  • Remote Underwater Vehicles

Requirements for high quality uncompressed video stream transmission directly
into a PC without using a framegrabber card.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Low Vision
  • High End Video & Surveillance
  • Optical Inspection
  • Video Conferencing
  • Medical Cameras for surgical lights

Requirements for HD Video over USB 3.0

  • Law Enforcement (Cameras in Police cars)

Our Specialities

Video Interface development
Video Interface customization